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 Q. How much advanced notice do you need for an Elopement? 

A. Some couples book over a year in advance, even for an elopement. However, on weekdays we can usually perform your ceremony with a few hours’ notice.    

Q. How many witnesses are needed in the State of Iowa? 

A. The State requires two witnesses age 18 or over. They do not have to know you, they just have to witness that the marriage ceremony took place.

Q. Where do we get a marriage license? 

A. In Iowa you may get an application for your marriage license at any county recorder’s office. You do not have to get married in the county where you apply for your license. As of the typing of this questions, applications are available online. Once they verify all information and the appropriate amount of time has passed, they will issue you a license.   

 Q. How long is the waiting period in Iowa? 

A. Iowa has a 3-day waiting period. Please contact the Recorder or check their website. They may not count the day they receive your license.   

 Q. Can the 3 day waiting period be waived? 

A. Yes, if approved by a Judge. The Recorder’s office can provide you with more information and the proper forms   

Q. Is The Marriage Pros affiliated with any religion? 

A. We are non-denominational.    

Q. Can we have a non-religious ceremony? 

A. Yes.   

Q. Does The Marriage Pros perform same sex weddings? 

A. Yes, every couple is welcome.    

Q. What happens if we forget our marriage license? 

A. We can still perform the ceremony, but the license would have to be signed and turned in to the Recorder’s office within 15 days. The Recorder’s office will make sure everything was legal prior to filing it. If you did not actually apply for a license or were not legally approved for a license, your marriage, even though performed, would not be legal.     

Rev. Nicole, wedding Officiant