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3 Different Types of Elopements

   Signature Elopement


A signature elopement is nothing more than Rev. Nicole asking the appropriate question to make your ceremony legal.  Yes, just one question.  The couple answers either yes or no, and that is pretty much it.  The couple and two witnesses over the age of 18 sign the marriage license and you are all done.  It literally takes around 2 minutes.  Some people choose not to even get out of the car.  The majority of the couples do not choose this option, but it definitely works for some.  Every couple has their own personal reason for this type of elopement.  The Marriage Pros does not judge; we just perform the ceremony the way that works best for the couple. 


Standard Elopement


   A standard elopement ceremony lasts around 7 to 10 minutes once started.  It can either be casual or formal.  The couple has the options of writing their own vows, and decide if they want a religious or non-religious ceremony. There is also a short reading and ring exchange (or whatever you choose to exchange).  Some couples show up in shorts and a tee shirt, and some come in full wedding attire. The choice is yours.  As always, two witnesses over the age of 18 are necessary.  Signing the marriage license will take place directly after the ceremony.    If time allows, Rev. Nicole will take a few pictures of the couple with their guest, which need to take place first.  Any separate pictures of the couple with their families, or wedding party. You are allowed to have as many guests as your location or venue allows. You may walk down the aisle to music and have a wedding party.


Advanced Elopement


 An advanced elopement is where Rev. Nicole would do everything in a standard elopement and make your ceremony official.  Everything else in a longer ceremony or more traditional ceremony are just time fillers to make your ceremony last longer.  In this elopement, you would have a longer ceremony however, you would have family and/or friends help out.  They may say a reading, a prayer, sing a song, perform a special ceremony such as Unity Candle, Sand or wine ceremony.  If you choose this option, Rev. Nicole has several suggestions to guide you along or you may use anything you would like.   

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