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***** Covid-19 *****

Until further notice

After careful consideration and consultation with our experts and family, The Marriage Pros has decided we will only consider performing our Signature Elopement, with masks, gloves, social distancing and only with the couple to be married and their witnesses allowed. We will not be walking in or through businesses, homes or other enclosed spaces. Back yards may still be an option.  We realize this may not work for you. We have already lost one family member, so this choice is very personal to us. We will remove this post if or when our decisions have changed.

Rev. Nicole and The Marriage Pros want to wish everyone all the best on your wedding day, no matter which Officiant you choose. 

All weddings. Elopements and/or rehearsals must start on time.  We cannot stress this enough. Signature Elopements will be allowed no more than 15 minutes total from the booked time until the time your Officiant leaves.  If your Signature Elopement has not started and/or all parties not available within 5 minutes of the booked time, your officiant has the right to leave without any refunds. Standard and Advanced Elopements will be allowed nor more than 30 minutes total from the booked time. If your Standard or Advanced Elopement has not started and/or all parties not available within 10 minutes of the booked time, your officiant has the right to leave without any refunds. If you wish to have a meeting and you are booking any elopement package, you will be charged an additional fee of not less than $150.00. You may however, call and/or emails as often as you wish. Calls and emails will be returned on a first come first serve basis. If you have not had a return call or emails in 24 hours, please contact us again. Elopements are NON-Refundable. Elopements must be paid in full at least one day prior to your ceremony. Deposits for Elopements will NOT be refunded for any reason. It is Iowa State Law that you must have two witnesses over the age of 18.  We cannot perform any weddings without two witnesses. If you cannot find a witness and we recommend a witness, you are responsible for contacting them and you are hiring them. They DO NOT work for us. You are free to use any witness of your choosing for any ceremony.  If your ceremony or rehearsal starts late, through no fault of The Marriage Pros, we reserve the right to charge $50.00 for every 15 minutes of time payable in advance of your ceremony or to leave without performing your ceremony.  If you choose to rebook for a later time, even in the same day, you will have to pay the full fee again prior to The Marriage Pros performing any wedding ceremony if we are available. This includes anyone in the wedding party or special guests.

 You are responsible to make sure any park, venue or location is open and available on the date and time of your ceremony. The Marriage Pros does not have any control over any location. It is your Officiants responsibility to send your license in to the recorder, however if you wish to take your marriage license with you, you are welcome to file it with the Recorder yourself.     The Marriage will not hold any date or time until we have received ½ of the full price of your elopement ceremony for a down payment. We will not show up with the promise of cash once we get there. The Marriage Pros suggests that if you only have cash, you can go to several stores and purchase a pre-paid debit or credit card, or give someone else the money and they can call and make the payment on your behalf and provide their phone number or email for the receipt to be sent. We no longer accept checks.   ****Your marriage license will NOT be signed, and/or filed by The Marriage Pros, if your wedding ceremony is NOT paid in full for any reason.  The Marriage Pros price quote is based on the following: All wedding or elopement ceremonies MUST start on time. It is not the responsibility of The Marriage Pros if a bride, brides, groom, grooms or any other wedding party member or guest has not arrived. The Marriage Pros has the right not to perform a ceremony that has not or will not start within the allotted times mentioned above. We may, at our discretion, perform a very quick two-minute ceremony (approximate) just to get the marriage officially performed and not the wedding agreed to if both people in the wedding party are there with two witnesses 18 years of age or older. If not, the wedding will not take place. WE will not be rushed or be late for any other wedding or rehearsal, or for anything else we have planned due to someone showing up late.  We will never wait longer than 5 minutes on a Signature Elopement or 10 minutes on a Standard or Advanced Elopement past the booked time for an elopement to start. ALL CEREMONIES MUST START ON TIME.  We accept debit and credit cards over the phone, in person or over PayPal. If you use a PayPal account, you will send your payment using my standard, published email address, Nic@TheMarriagePros.com.  We are no longer accepting Checks or Money Orders.


The Marriage Pros/Nicole Adams does not have any control over your marriage application.  Any questions need to be addressed by the County Recorder.  The Marriage Pros does not have any control as to how long any party takes to record your license. The Marriage Pros always puts Marriage License in mailboxes the same day as the ceremony takes place. Per the State of Iowa, it must be signed by all parties in Black Ink Only.  It must be filled out specifically with the instructions from the County Recorder. If any county recorder failed to provide any information and/or instructions, it is not the responsibility of The Marriage Pros and/or Nicole Adams to inform you.  The Marriage Pros does not have any control over this ink color choice. Any pens provided by any party for signature of the Marriage License is NOT the responsibility of The Marriage Pros and/or Nicole Adams.  Any party signing/printing on the wrong line or with the wrong name is not the responsibility of The Marriage Pros and/or Nicole Adams.  The Marriage Pros will NOT sign their part of the marriage license until the wedding is completed. If the marriage license is not signed by the couple and/or their witnesses, and/or any mistakes have been made, and it calls for a new license or a resigning, The Marriage Pros and/or Nicole Adams, reserves the right to charge for an additional meeting to sign or re-sign the marriage license, at a place of The Marriage Pros/Nicole Adams choosing, which may include either Dexter, IA, which is about 30 miles west of West Des Moines. That fee will be a minimum of $100.00. The meeting will also be at the convenience of The Marriage Pros and/or Nicole Adams. We will not wait around for guests to congratulate you, while pictures are taken or any other reason. You must sign your marriage license directly after your ceremony. If you are busy interacting with guests or doing anything else, we reserve the right not to inform you that we are leaving. We will not try to interrupt any other interaction you have going on. It is YOUR responsibility to tell your guests you have to quickly sign your ceremony before you get to anything else, and that you will get right back to them once your license is signed. If all parties immediately sign, this process should take less than two minutes. You do not need to wait for The Marriage Pros to finish their part. We do not need to fill out our part in front of you. The Marriage Pros will not leave your license for you to sign later, nor will they sign your license prior to obtaining all parties signatures.  If for any reason The Marriage Pros would be late or unable to perform your ceremony due to our “fault” we will only be held liable for the amount that was actually paid to The Marriage Pros. If we are late, but still perform your ceremony within the allotted time, there will not be a refund. If we are late and you still wish for your wedding to take place, we will refund ½ of the fee paid to The Marriage Pros. If we cannot make it to your ceremony, we are only responsible for the full ceremony fee actually paid to us. – In all the years we have performed weddings, we have NEVER missed one. But those pesky legal disclaimers need to be added. We are not responsible for any “Acts of God” that would delay or prohibit your wedding at the scheduled date and time. If any schools in our area (Including any in the Des Moines Metro, Stuart, Dexter area) are closed, going to be closed or delayed due to weather, we reserve the right not to perform your wedding on your given date and time at our discretion.  If there is a weather issue or an “Act of God” we are usually able to reschedule. Your rescheduling fee/ceremony fee MAY be waived at our discretion. 


We reserve the right to make any changes, additions or deletions at any time without notice in accordance with the law.    

If you have any questions about The Marriage Pros in Des Moines and the surrounding areas disclosures, please contact us.

Rev. Nicole Adams

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